James Ferguson circa 1900

James Ferguson circa 1900

Welcome to the Ferguson family genealogy blog.   We know that there are many different Ferguson clans all of whom are not necessarily genetically related.  This particular Ferguson clan is based upon the family history studies of both the ancestors and descendents of JAMES FERGUSON who hailed from Moy Ulster.  James was born in  in Ulster in 1814 to Scottish parents, and after marrying about 1834, he decided to flee from the divisiveness of secular rivalry and unjust taxation and persistent crop failure in his homeland of Northern Ireland.

In 1837 James and his young family immigrated to Canada where, after a great tragedy, he became  a pioneer settler in Kincardine Ontario and fathered two large families whose descendents established homesteads across the western plains in North Dakota and Saskatchewan.

James fought the harsh conditions of nature’s solitude as he hacked a homestead out of the Huron frontier.  Although his log cabin has long since gone the forests he cleared with his sons, one hundred and sixty years ago, remain unchanged as productive cultivated fields today.  James died at Glen Huron Ontario in 1902 and was burried with his second wife, Francis Hunt, at the cemetery in Kincardine where he had previously bought a burial plot.

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The picture which appears in the header of each page is the Blackwater River at Moy, Northern Ireland – the likely birthplace of James Ferguson.


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  1. Fascinating and thorough. Thank you.

  2. Jenifer Downer | Reply

    I am researching my partner’s family tree, he is descended through James Ferguson’s second family, and Robert Ferguson and Margaret Jane Fisher are his great grandparents.
    We have come to a blank when we search for Margaret Jane’s parents, and the sister/half-sister/ who raised her.
    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    1. In 1874, James’ second eldest son Robert, married Margaret Jane Fisher at Bervie Ontario. She had been orphaned at the age of seven as a result of her parents’ deaths due to tuberculosis. Margaret was raised by her older sister. Upon hearing of the relationship, Robert’s father, James, opposed the marriage because of the fear that Margaret would suffer the same fate as her parents. Despite this the couple eloped on July 15th and acquired a farm in nearby Ripley. Between 1875 and 1880 three children were born, including Thomas Francis (1875), Emma, (1877) and William James – Jim (1879). However, Margaret Jane’s health began to fail and, upon the local doctor’s advise, the couple considered moving to a drier western climate. This along with the slow pace of clearing land, and mounting debts, caused them to seek the drier weather of the western plains in 1881. Two years later their son, Robert George, was born on Sep. 12, 1883 on a farm near South Joliette. Eventually George would become a doctor and gained recognition for his crusade against tuberculosis in Canada.

      1. Thank you for replying to my enquiry, we do have that information (much of it is found in the book on R.G.Ferguson’s life, by C.Stuart Huston) and from a family bible. The question I am trying to answer who were Margaret Jane’s parents? One clue is that her son, Vernon, married in Ontario and on the marriage certificate his mother’s maiden name was “Clendenning” not Fisher?!! This may indicate the name of the sister who raised her…a Clendenning who married, at age 15, a George Stewart. i am still puzzled!

  3. I am a great-great grand daughter of James from the 3rd family through his first son Samuel. You have a lot of wonderful information that was lost to many of us – is Peter his brother? Were there others in James own family or is he an only son?

    1. I do not have documented proof of James’ birth and name of parents. The name of his parents stated in the website is based only upon the “most likely fit” of records I have so far searched. James likely did have brothers and sisters. It is only through oral history that there is a tradition of a brother appearing in the story for a short time when James married Francis Hunt near Ottawa.

  4. James is buried in Kincardine

  5. Did Wiliam Collins come to Canada from Ireland with James & family?

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