Robert Ferguson 1850 – 1906

Robert “Ferguison” was born Aug. 16, 1850, at Carleton Place, Lanark Township in Upper Canada.  When he was  one year old he journeyed with his parents on their pioneering trek to Kincardine Township in the Huron frontier.   As a young child he experienced the rigours of playing outdoors while his father toiled at clearing land and preparing fields for planting.  Although the first public school in Kincardine was established in 1851 the road conditions made it impractical for Robert’s father, James, to take his children the ten miles to and from school by an oxen pulled sleigh.  Nevertheless, as an adolescent Robert learned the pioneering skills of logging and farming from his father James. No doubt he also gained some experience manufacturing timber from logs at the saw mill operated by his older brother, David, in the hamlet of Bervie.  Bervie was located on the Durham settlement road about a mile south of the family homestead.

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