Perthshire Fergusons

One of the interesting sources of information on the history of the Ferguson clans of Scotland is to be found in a book published in 1905.  Titled “The Ferguson family in Scotland and America,” the book offers insights as to the origin of the name Ferguson and provides further background as to important Fergusons through Scottish history in various regions of the country.  Several chapters are devoted to a historical review of different Ferguson clans in the lowland and highland counties. “It is a very curious fact that – – – no definite link of connection can be traced between these various families in Dumfriesshire, Ayrshire, Perthshire, and Aberdeenshire.  All cherished independent traditions, connecting their fortunes with King Robert the Bruce”.

My initial research of 2012 led me to believe that the parents of our James Ferguson were from this Fifeshire clan but since revised – in 2017 – to Perthshire.   This information provides an excellent starting place for further research into the ancestors of our James Ferguson.  The entire book is available to read on line at

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